Hiring equipments on rental is very effective as it is readily available with delivery happening in 24- 48 hours with very reasonable rental rates. We at Newtech are very committed to deliver the hardware as per the commitments made to our customers. All the hardware before moving out to the customer is thoroughly tested. We at Newtech are very confident about the product we provide to the customer. We always give options to the customers which not only suit their budgets but at the same time delivers them the productivity which they are looking out for. The customers do not have to worry about any hardware issues when it is on rental.

We provide 24x 7 telephonic support with engineer visit along with the parts. Once a customer takes a hardware from Newtech, he/she will continue taking from us because of the equipment, service and support we provide to them.


We provide a wide range of SAN and NAS storage with high configurations, installations and connectivity handled from our end for the customer for the first setup in their premises.
We provide storage in all the major cities of India with support 24/7 via telephonically and engineer visit.


We provide a wide range of servers from entry level to high level as per client requirement. We not only provide servers as per the customers requirement but at times offer suggestions which not only reduces their cost but also provides them better output.

We handle servers from SUN, HP-Unix, IBM Pseries mostly used by banks, Call centers, Hospitals and also for doing POC's for their customers.

We provide servers from single quad core to 64 cores in hyper threading. Servers are configured and tested as per the client requirements from creating VM's, Lpars, VIO's to assembling them to be used as high-endstorage.

Servers are provided for duration ranging from 1week to a month and also upto 1-3 years with an option in which they can have the ownership of the server after 18 months with 1 year support from us.


Newtech provides quality Lenovo and HP brands of laptop on rent and light weight executive laptop to workstation laptops for high end users. We configure laptops as per your requirement for Training, Conference, Project Works, Meetings. We also provide laptops with SSD for superfast response. Rental duration varies from 1 day to 1 week to 15 days to a month and more.

Desktop and Workstation

We provide branded Desktops on Rent. We carry standard i5 based Desktops for day to day activity, to high end workstations. Desktops for routine day to day use or dual processor with high memory workstation for compilation or rendering.

We customize Desktops and workstationsfor your requirement. Since we use branded desktops and workstations, downtime is reduced to minimum.

Switches and Router

Newtech offers Cisco, Linksys, Netgear Switches and Router on Rent. We offer a wide range of products from layer2, layer3, POE and Industrial Switches, Switches with cascading features to make large stack of Ethernet switches.

Router comes in large variation of ports, speed and features, and we at Newtech can arrange to fulfill your specification.